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About the Event

BC tech firms were invited to come to a Discovery Day, hosted by the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) and the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), to learn about the Internet of Things related business and technology challenges in BC transportation and infrastructure. As well as to provide BC tech solutions.

Submit your Solution by April 17,2017


What is MOTI looking for
To enhance public safety and transportation efficiency, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manages thousands of sensors and webcams that monitor weather, seismic and traffic information. The ministry is looking to replace a set of existing camera and sensor systems with a modernized, highly integrated, more flexible IoT system that is more responsive to changing business needs and technology advancements. Examples of its current sensor system include:

  • BC Highway and Construction Cameras
  • Structural Health and Seismic Monitoring
  • Weather and Avalanche
  • Messaging and Variable Speed Signs
  • Traffic Management Center


At the IoT Discovery Day

Learn about potential market opportunities for building IoT products or solutions, and how you could leverage open data and influence future open APIs in government’s next generation of sensors and cameras.

MOTI is interested in new partnerships that can meet their business needs and boost growth in the local tech sector. At the Discovery Day you will learn about, and be able to discuss, a series of IoT technical innovation challenges that government intends to open to B.C. tech firms as funded opportunities in the future. The challenge opportunities being proposed are intended to enable the ministry to learn about the potential for an interoperable, multi-party, IoT system that leverages open standards to as a way to enhance transportation services to British Columbians, through collaborative opportunities for B.C. tech firms to showcase the areas of IoT where they excel. In the future, MOTI anticipates opportunities for tech firms to leverage a next generation IoT system and open data to serve diverse customers with IoT related products such as connected cars, device security and transport logistics.


The 5 Business Challenges:

MOTI anticipates the strategic direction for government IoT to be multi-party, multi-platform and multi-device.

At the Discovery Day, MOTI will present the following business challenges. These challenges will be an opportunity to test different parts of an interoperable IoT system, and augment MOTI’s understanding of the latest IoT technologies that can make a next generation IoT platform a success for B.C. citizens and businesses. All of the challenges align with MOTI’s drive for an open platform that enables a highly flexible, scalable, standards-based, interoperable system.

IoT Smart Gateway Challenge
MOTI needs to rapidly connect to and manage its devices so that it can monitor, replace and add devices as its business needs change. Build a Proof of Concept (POC) gateway to demonstrate integration and management of two smart devices, two constrained devices and an OEM device with the data flowing across traditional or advanced communication networks. The goal is to connect with an assortment of best-of-breed, heterogeneous devices through open standards. This challenge is an opportunity for tech firms to discover MOTI’s needs and demonstrate innovations that MOTI should be considering when purchasing new sensors, cameras and smart gateways.


IoT Event Stream Processing Challenge
MOTI wants to enhance the way it evaluates the data coming from its devices, so that it can take actions like changing traffic flows, respond to road events, or send out a maintenance crew. Build a POC to demonstrate dynamic event stream processing of sensor and camera data via MOTI’s trial IoT platform. The POC should parse camera and sensor messages and events in real time through configurable sets of rules defined by business users that allows for automated decision-making. This challenge is an opportunity for tech firms to discover MOTI’s needs and demonstrate innovations that MOTI should considering when developing new capabilities to process, manage and understand IoT data.


IoT Analytics Challenge
MOTI wants to increase its understanding of the trends in its data so that it can do long term planning, such as make the case to build or repair infrastructure like roads and bridges, and look for ways to enhance decision-making processes with the ministry. Build a POC that analyzes sensor and camera data and provides information for decision-making by MOTI business users with data flowing from MOTI’s trial IoT platform. The POC could support data query and visualization across sensor types and resolutions and include geospatial, historical and real-time data. This challenge is an opportunity for tech firms to discover MOTI’s needs and demonstrate innovations that MOTI should be considering when developing multiple new capabilities to analyze IoT data for different users.


IoT BC Highway Cameras
MOTI would like a greater understanding of the possibilities for using modern web cameras so that it can make the smartest investment with its camera replacement program. Build a POC that demonstrates innovative use of data from traffic management and BC highway cameras, such as extensions to for spatial awareness, integration with other sensors (e.g. weather), video content analysis and real-time alerting systems. This challenge is an opportunity for tech firms to discover MOTI’s needs and demonstrate innovations that MOTI should be considering when purchasing new capabilities for its camera network.


IoT Open Innovation Challenge
While the first 4 challenges represent some of MOTI business needs related to IoT, the Open Innovation Challenge provides an opportunity for B.C. tech firms to demonstrate how their innovations can help solve additional unmet needs or market opportunities. This challenge is an opportunity for tech firms to provide input on opportunities for IoT innovation and shape MOTI’s thinking on modernizing its IoT system.

Submit your Solution by April 17,2017


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